To whom it is addressed:

This path is designed for those who are not satisfied with their physical state. It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or gain muscle; in both cases this is the right path for you. You want to get involved to improve your lifestyle and your physical appearance but do not know where to start, or you’re already trying but do not see tangible results: let’s try together!

My goal with this program is:

  1. Evaluate your initial condition and identify the most appropriate strategy for you in terms of diet and training.
  2. Create a progression that allows you to achieve physical and mental health benefits, as well as aesthetic benefits.
  3. Teach you how to self-manage to maintain a fitness level that makes you feel good over time.




If you want to train with a competent person at your side to guide you from a technical and motivational point of view, this is the proposal for you!

This proposal includes:
• An introductory meeting in which we make an assessment of the starting point and goals
• Personal training sessions in my gym
(we will agree together how many and how often)
• Workout programs to be performed independently
(in case you do not train always and only with me)
• Diet plan



If you want to train independently but do not know how to plan your workouts and how to manage your diet, this is the ideal proposal for you!

This proposal includes:
• A first appointment (call or videocall) in which we make an assessment of the starting point and objectives
• A personalized workout program (with video tutorials)
• A personalized diet plan
• Availability on whatsapp to analyze the execution of the exercises through video and clarify any other doubt.

Why you need guidance from a trainer

Most people do not have the necessary skills to achieve visible and satisfactory results, so they try on their own, do not see substantial improvements, become demotivated and turn back.

If you don't really put yourself out there by making a commitment to someone, you're going to get lost along the way; there are so many situations that take us away from our goal or cause us to lose consistency in our good habits. If you don't know how to manage them you will struggle to achieve the desired results. It is essential to adopt strategies to "stay on track".

You need a guide to give you the right feedback every time you get off track; because you go on vacation, because there are parties, because you go out to eat with colleagues... it's normal and you have to learn to manage it too: not being flawless all the time, but adopting strategies to stay on track also in this case.

Why it will give you a turning point

I don’t want to keep you on a strict diet for a while and then abandon you to your fate. I don’t want to make you train like crazy and then turn you down. Everything needs a balance, especially if you want something to be sustainable and give lasting results. By mixing my skills and your needs, we will find the strategy that will give you results and at the same time be sustainable for you. When you decide to go on on your own, you will need to have all the knowledge and tools you need to continue to manage your diet and training. You should have a background that allows you to feel good about yourself and your body forever.

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