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To whom it is addressed:

The SPORT PERFORMANCE program is designed for those who want to have an adequate and specific physical preparation for the sport they practice. It does not matter if you are a professional or an amateur; if you practice a sport you definitely need to prepare yourself physically for two reasons: to prevent injuries and improve your performance. If you are at the stage where you would like to reach more ambitious goals and take another step in your discipline, but you have no idea how to structure your work progression in the gym this is the right path for you!

My goal with this program is:

  1. Assess your starting condition and identify any deficiencies in mobility and/or stability.
  2. Where there are limitations apply a corrective strategy (critical from a preventative standpoint).
  3. Plan a progression for strength and power development.




If you want to be guided by a specific program with respect to your objectives and train with a competent person at your side, this is the proposal for you!

It includes:
• An introductory meeting to assess your starting point and goals
• Personal training sessions at my gym
(we will agree on how many and how often)
• Scheduling of the training to be done autonomously
(in case you don't train always and only with me)



If you want to work out independently but you need a program specific to your sport and your goals, this is the ideal proposal for you!

It includes:
• An introductory meeting (phone or video call) during which we will make an assessment of your starting point and goals
• A personalized training program (with video tutorial)
• Availability on whatsapp to analyze the execution of the exercises by video and resolve any other doubts

Why you need guidance from a trainer

Most people who practice a sport, when they begin to feel the need to prepare themselves physically (because they are starting to get tired or because they want to raise the bar), they try to do it on their own based on news taken here and there or on the advice of some friends. The result is that because they don't really have a roadmap, a technical setup and goals, the results are very poor.

If you don't really put yourself out there by making a commitment to someone, you're going to get lost along the way; there are so many situations that take us away from our goal or cause us to lose consistency in our good habits. If you don't know how to manage them you will struggle to achieve the desired results. It is essential to adopt strategies to "stay on track".

You need a guide to give you the right feedback every time something unexpected happens; it happens to feel particularly tired, to have a small ache or injury, to have technical doubts about certain movements or exercises and to feel different from what you expect after a workout, for example. In all these cases it is important to know how to behave, how to react, whether to continue training or not and if so, how to do it.

Why it will give you a turning point​

When you play sports at an amateur level the last thing you think about is physical preparation. This is a big mistake because at the base of sports performance there are general motor skills. If we do not have awareness and control of our body on simple movements and performed at low speed, how can we think to control complex movements and often performed at high speed as it happens in our sport? Not having awareness and control of your body means going more easily to injury and not being in the best conditions to better control a technical gesture. Starting a path of this type means working on amplitude and control of fundamental movements, and then get to the development of strength and power! All this will give you important advantages that you can exploit on the court!

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