About me

I am Francesco Montinaro, personal trainer and beach volleyball coach.

I have a degree in Motor Sciences and I have specialized in Sport Sciences and Techniques; I have enriched my career by participating in numerous training courses to explore topics such as coaching and the principles of training and nutrition.

Sport has always been a part of my life and has taught me a lot. The experiences I’ve had as an athlete and as a coach, as well as the great people I’ve had the opportunity to meet along the way, have given me a mindset that I try to share on a daily basis with those around me.

Sport teaches how to live, because basically life – like sport – is a continuous challenge. For me, therefore, it represents a tool to transmit values, a mentality, a way of thinking and reasoning, of acting and reacting.

I love personal growth journeys and being able to help others achieve goals. That’s why Personal Training and Online Coaching allow me to express myself at my best. Changing a person’s habits and physical appearance in a positive way is life changing. As a matter of health and self-esteem.

A strong desire to change is essential, but often it’s not enough: you need specific skills, you need guidance. The coach represents the one who shows you the way and the goals to achieve. He guides you step by step and keeps you attached to the path you have decided to take. For this, technical skills are necessary, but the human and empathic side is equally important. 

It is no coincidence that these paths lead to wonderful relationships, strengthened by the satisfaction of having achieved important goals together.

I owe a lot to beach volleyball.

In 2007, at the age of 17, I became Italian U18 champion. I had the honor of being called up by the national team, of playing in international competitions, of being coached by the best coaches and of playing with and against players who won Olympic medals years later.

It was a great satisfaction, to the point that, as soon as I finished my three-year degree, I started coaching, trying to take advantage of the skills I had acquired during my training and the experience I had as a player. Even in these roles, working in incredible teams and coaching athletes of great value, we achieved fantastic goals such as winning two youth championships and an Italian cup.

Today I live in Barcelona and work in Personal Training, Online Coaching and Beach Volley.